Kaf Construction Services was established in 2004 as a means of road projects and construction projects. Since then, K has implemented several important projects in different cities and governorates of Saudi Arabia. The company's contribution to the march of progress in the Kingdom since the reign of the founder King Abdul Aziz, may God have mercy on him, where the Kingdom has seen huge leaps in various fields. The company has implemented projects whose total value exceeded hundreds of millions of riyals. The company enjoys the confidence of all those who dealt with it as the company won the fourth category in the classification of Saudi contractors. We are continuing to achieve continuous successes that will enrich our road construction and construction.kaf has brought in and employed the best elements to execute projects properly from engineers, technicians, operators and skilled workers, until the number of employees in the company reached more than a thousand people, thank God. In addition to several important projects which we are currently implementing, as part of our plan to continuously strive to develop and obtain the first category in the classification of contractors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia